What’s better than a home-cooked meal? Many of us are too busy for that good old home cooking. I mean, between work and a million other things, it’s a wonder anyone can. Filipinos always love to eat so it’s no surprise that the most important meal of the day gets a special bit of love. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Tapsilog

Tapsilog stands for Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog for anyone who isn’t familiar with this dish. But seriously, who hasn’t had their fair share of tapsilog? Although it’s famously known as breakfast food, Tapsilog works great for every meal of the day.

If you’re looking to grab some tapa, we have some great cuts from Paquito’s:


2. Pan de Sal

Pan de Sal is probably the simplest Filipino breakfast out there. I mean, every neighborhood bakery has them by the bag. They’re made fresh every morning, so you have the chance to munch on them hot buns every day. It’s good by itself, but works wonders with butter a quick dunk in your breakfast coffee.

We don’t have any Pan de sal up on the site yet, but we definitely have some great coffee for you:


3. Champorado and Tuyo

Does it sound like a weird combination to you? It is, but hey, it works! Try it out for yourself. The saltiness of the Tuyo compliments the sweetness and rich chocolate taste of the Champorado. Oh, and you’re technically eating chocolate so imagine having dessert for breakfast. Always a great idea.

Oh, and you can find some great tuyo here:


4. Longganisa

Some might say that the Longganisa is a distinctly Filipino take on Chorizo, but make no mistake, it’s got an identity of its own! Longganisa is sweet and usually sold by the link. Different regions have their own take on Longganisa but they all have one thing in common: their ability to make you ask for more rice!

If you don’t want to drag a pan into the situation, you can always the taste of longganisa to sandwich town with this spread:


5. Tocino

Just like Longganisa, Tocino is a sweet pork dish. It can be boiled and then fried if you prefer your Tocino extra soft. It has a distinct, sweet smell that hits the inner Pavlov in you. If you haven’t had your fill of the red stuff recently, now would be a great time to get back on the Tocino train.

6. Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo is so easy to prepare and you can literally eat it for breakfast, for merienda or when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Staying graceful under impaired conditions is a bit of marvel, to be honest. A bowl of Arroz Caldo isn’t complete without egg, chicken, a dash of patis and a touch of calamansi.

7. Taho

How can we forget Taho? We’ve all done that mad dash to the door following the guttural roar of the Taho man making his way down your street. The unique treat is made out of silken tofu, tapioca and brown sugar syrup. A cup of taho always works to give you that warm feeling you need to face the day.


Did we miss one of your all-time favorite breakfast foods? Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you! Don’t forget to drop by http://karton.ph for some modern, artisanal takes on Filipino food!

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