Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Well, haven’t we always? Thanks to the growing popularity of natural and organic produce, we’re all one step closer!

The organic craze begins anew when Verto: Replenish hits Robinson’s Magnolia on April 2, 2017. The bazaar, organized by UP Diliman’s Junior Marketing Association, is part of the student group’s push for healthier, more mindful living.

According to one of its event pages, Verto: Replenish doesn’t want you to make any more sacrifices. “This is your lifestyle change,” the invite says. Hey, we’ll take their word for it!

One of our favorite sellers, Native Gourmet, will be at the bazaar. If you’ve seen them before, you’re well aware that they come with a whole treasure trove of organic and artisanal treats. If it tastes great and comes in a jar, you could count on them having it. Oh, and do look out for their artisanal tuyo! It’s some of the best out there.

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