Don’t you just hate it when your favorite restaurants expect you to enjoy your meal with their weak off-the- shelf hot sauce? We do. Even at the risk of looking like spice-obsessed weirdos to our friends, it’s super tempting to just bring our own bottle of bowel-scorching bliss wherever we go.

If you’re as crazy as we are, you’re in for a treat. Our little friend out here packs the heat like no one else can.

Susmaryosep Hot Sauce brings the flavor, but not before you break out in a sweat. It has a savory character with just a dash of sweetness (Clue: It has dried grapes in it). While incredibly potent, it’s the kind of sauce that improves your food’s inherent flavor instead of masking it. Imagine how much better that soggy leftover pizza in the fridge gets after a helping of this!

The main ingredient for this hot sauce is our very own bird’s eye chili (that’s Siling Labuyo for you, kiddies). You’ve seen them around for sure, but don’t get cocky. This particular blend is intense in a particularly refined way.

You really get appreciate the flavor of the sauce before the heat creeps up your tongue. You can add more if you’re feeling adventurous, but do keep that glass of milk ready.

We’ve tried it on pizza, dumplings, spring rolls and pretty much every Filipino food there is. So should you! The possibilities are endless with Susmaryosep Hot Sauce.


Try it with your pasta. You’re welcome.

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