It’s a beautiful thing, being where you are at this point in time. For all its flaws, the Philippines is still a beautiful place to live in. Whether it’s the crisp sight of high-rises above Taguig, Ortigas, or Makati, the narrow, character-filled streets of inner Manila, or the pastoral sights of the country’s more rural communities, you will always find something that speaks to you.

Just in time for Independence Day, we feel it’s as good a time as any to think of the many freedoms we enjoy as Filipinos; to think, to be, and to choose. Last Saturday, we went into the spiritual and cultural connection we largely share thanks to a rich culinary heritage. Let’s build on that by seeing where we are now- as modern Filipinos.

What opportunities do we have to explore in the age of the internet, and how do we use technology to express Filipino pride in everyday ways?

A belly full of love

We definitely have a bit of a bias here, but I think we should definitely pick up where we left off with our last post- with food. It’s all for good reason though. I don’t think we’d be hard-pressed to think that a good life starts at home. Our dining tables have a sort of magic that draws us back home no matter how bad the days get.

For something as old world and analog as a piece of furniture, it’s interesting to note that technology may also do its part in bringing us closer together in the physical world. Your next meal just might be found online! Yeah, you know where this is going. On your table, apparently.

Sites like ours let you choose from a wide selection of Filipino-made delicacies, each one with the potential to bridge people together for real-world connections. From a belly full of love on your next family dinner to those little somethings in between, it never gets old.

Stay home for dinner, will you?

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