Payday is coming up in a few, so sate your cravings while you can!

Lean weeks and tight budgets do things to people – strange and hangry things. But hey, you’ve got to get by and with a little creativity, you’ll do more than just that. It’s in times like these where we see our craziest and often, our most unique culinary ideas. Whether it’s a general lack of menu options or barely having enough money to scrape through, there will always be fun and interesting ways to bring a glum little plate to life.

Here are some of them:

Salt and Spices

For dishes that need a little extra punch, little dashes of crushed rocks and powder go a long way in adding color to a major meal. By far, salt, and spices like pepper or chili are among the easiest ways to tweak flavors to your liking. Spices are understandably diverse, salt may surprise you with its many variants as well. Use if you want to add a little extra character without completely masking your food.


If you’re looking to take your taste-modding game to the next level, you can start messing around with different sauces. Spices tend to change things up in little increments, but a sauce can launch your dinner into a completely different ballpark. Whether you like your flavors saturated or subtly contrasting, a good sauce will turn your base dish into a thing of wonder on any given day.


Ah yes, you’re not stopping at sauces. You want something more. If you feel the need to completely transform any vestige of a former dish into a tasty, unrecognizable mess, you could introduce a whole new set of toppings to go with your meal. Between blocks of meat and grated cheese (okay, and some extra sauce of your choosing), the possibilities are practically endless.

Whether it’s a hastily cobbled home meal or something you brought home from the convenience store, you could always add a little extra to your pantawid special. Who knows? It might actually turn out great!


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