Back in the day, we Filipinos would be thrilled to have access to imported goods or be gifted with pasalubong from other countries. It was considered a status symbol to eat food that was made in other countries. It was exciting… until research surfaced with evidence that we weren’t actually doing our bodies good.

Today, we know that the benefits of eating local food goes beyond our health: it helps the environment, and it helps the economy too!

Here at Karton, supporting local merchants is our priority. Here’s why:

  • When you spend your money on locally grown food, it goes to farmers and growers instead of big middlemen who take away a large commission. Your money stays close to home, and is then reinvested in businesses and services that benefit your community directly.
  • Buying local food and handmade products reduces carbon dioxide emissions which contribute to global warming. Since you’re buying products that are closer in distance to manufacture, it doesn’t need to travel miles on the road (or in a plane) just to get to you.
  • Locally produced food has more nutrients. Food from other countries is older, has sat in distribution centers, and traveled long distances to get to your store; all of which diminish its health benefits and nutrients.
  • Local food is safer! Keep in mind that the more steps a food product has to go through to get to you, the more chances there are for contamination. Food grown in far away places has the potential for food safety issues upon harvesting, when it undergoes washing, shipping, and distribution.

From Coffee To Soap

We are proud to partner with merchants to locally source all ingredients, right here in the Philippines. Our coffee merchants such as Figures of Beans source their beans in the Cordillera and Batangas provinces, which are known for their distinct coffee flavor and aroma. Native Gourmet’s bottled fish delicacies are a classic breakfast favorite; each bottle filled with all-meat fish parts that have been freshly harvested in Dagupan City. Kala Milk Soaps are made from locally-sourced carabao’s milk combind with other skin-friendly ingredients. Auro Chocolate sources their cacao from Davao to create full-bodied chocolate flavors.

These are just some of the many quality local merchants that we work with in Karton. Do the economy, environment, and your body a favor today by shopping local!


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