Bazaars are always a mixed bag and we mean that in the best way. There's a thrill to the whole experience- from the moment you step in to the post-bazaar lull where you coil back in surprise with an entire loot bag full of boutique and handmade goodies. Ah, good times. We missed that. It was about time we went to another bazaar.

Luckily, there was something interesting on the horizon. We decided to follow a couple of our sellers to the Spectrum Fair last Saturday thanks to this little piece from Phonebooky. With everything set, we made our way to Whitespace in Makati. Here goes nothing!

Patty's Eats and Pling's Homemade Goodies are our favorite bazaar tandem, hands down. They held the fort down with a wide assortment of full meals and bottled homemade treats. Patty's chorizo goes well with pretty much anything, but takes to pasta rather well. Pling's also have an all-around piece of their own with several varieties of artisanal tuyo. Good stuff!

Food wasn't the only thing there though. Spectrum was packed with everything from boutique cosmetics to clothes, bags and even doggie beds. I swear, those lucky little puppers have nicer beds than we do. SOAK, the pupper bed place and Lokal Home + Fashion + Art from our bazaar trip to Estancia were there too! The paper products and lifestyle accessories were really stood out though.

This bundle of notebooks from Catastrophe was hella sweet.

Tables mean a lot to people and few things bring as much character to a table as a good placemat or table runner. If your dining sets are fairly minimal or drab, these are definitely a great way to spruce things up!

Punchdrunk Panda had some amazing patches as well as a really nice folding backpack. Wildflower's patches were great too. Lots of character with these crazy detailed floral pieces. Lots of rare, curated pieces of clothing out there too. We might get into a more detailed look at our loot in the near future, but this will do for now!

We also spoke to a couple of our sellers at the bazaar:


Nice seeing you out there, everyone! We'll be around. If there's a bazaar, do let us know!

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