Your skin serves as a protective barrier, and it’s also the largest organ in the body. But that doesn’t mean that your skin is impenetrable. Using products on your skin that contain toxins and chemicals will enable them to be absorbed into your bloodstream and into your organs, even if you don’t feel anything.

We are surrounded by dozens of potential irritants that get into our skin on a daily basis. From deodorant, shampoos, soap, fragrances, and other personal hygiene products; there are many toxins lurking in the form of fancy-sounding chemicals that have been linked to health problems.

Here’s why you should use all natural products for your body:

  • Prevent irritation: Personal hygiene products contain artificial colors, fillers, and chemicals that cause irritation and breakouts. You might not know it, but you could be allergic to the toxins found in many conventional body products. On the other hand, natural products use only ingredients that are derived from nature; making them a much safer alternative.

  • No side effects: Artificial ingredients such as parabens are used in most conventional body care products with the intention of preserving its shelf life – no benefits for you. Parabens are synthetic and have been linked to disrupted hormone and endocrine function, causing several side effects.

  • Environment-friendly: Conventionally-made body care products harm the environment. They contain chemicals and toxins that go down the drain each time you wash them off. Using natural ingredients are much more gentle on the earth, and on your body.

Making the switch to all natural products for your skin, body, and hair is the best way to ensure you’re protected from irritants and contaminants that can cause harm in the long run. If you’re interested in trying out some authentic Filipino natural products, here are some brands we are proud to partner with:

Organic Alley

Organic Alley features a wide range of all natural personal care products. Whether you’re looking for essential hygiene products such as soap and sunblock; or enjoy pampering yourself with luxurious natural oils and moisturizers, Organic Alley has something for you and your family.

Vaera Naturals

For many people, showering is more than an essential part of a healthy hygiene. Others find showering a meditative, peaceful time. It gives you quiet time to think while you’re lathering up. Why not use a luxurious soap that matches your mood without breaking the bank? Try Vaera Naturals’ line of premium quality soap bars. You’ll never go back to conventionally-made soaps ever again.  

Cleopatra’s Secret

The ancient Egyptians were ahead of their time in many ways, including beauty. The legendary Cleopatra supposedly held many beauty secrets that are highly coveted among women all over the world today. Cleopatra’s Secret wants to make you feel like royalty with all natural bath and body products that will have you feeling like a queen. Cleopatra’s Secret has an extensive selection of carefully curated beauty products to cater to every woman’s needs. From face masks to toners, lotions, and cleansers; Cleopatra’s Secret is proof that timeless beauty doesn’t have to be pricey.

Jarful of Goodness

Jarful of Goodness is true to its name. Each jar, or tub, is made with only all natural, synthetic free ingredients that will take care of your skin from the inside out. Pamper yourself with homemade salves, body scrubs, and soaps that smell delightful but also provide your body with the nourishment that it needs to stay healthy.

Kala Milk

It doesn’t get more natural than using carabao’s milk for your skin. Kala Milk’s carabao’s milk products, combined with with the health benefits of lavender, honey, and oats, will give your skin one of the most luxurious experiences that you’ll feel even after you’re done soaping. They also have a decadent body wash and lotion that feels so good on the skin – you might even be tempted to eat it!

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