Independence Day is right around the corner, and we’re reaching into our bag to give you some of that local love! We’ve covered a number of our regional Filipino favorites in the past, and there’s plenty more to celebrate. I mean, we’re known to be a particularly festive people, so I guess we’re just living up to that reputation.

Let’s drag a bit of that unmistakable mabuhay vibe into the open. From the moment you wake up, to the mid-afternoon lull between siesta and dinner, you’re treated to a whole lot of culinary joys. Think of this as a greatest hits compilation of sorts.

Here we go!

Your mabuhay morning

Our lives tend to start in the morning. At least it’s that way for most people if they’re not working nights and/or falling asleep when the rest of us start waking up. Even then, we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a good ol’ Filipino breakfast. In our piece on Filipino breakfast, we did a quick roundup of some crucial brekky jams.

7,107 flavors for lunch

We’re sure you know what comes after breakfast. It’s abandoning all responsibility because you’re filled to the gullet, and only moving from your slumped state for lunch. Yeah, that. Many of us fall back on the flavors we grew up with, and for the lot of us from outside Metro Manila, that usually means one of these familiar dishes we mentioned in our feature on regional Filipino favorites.

Crucial snackage

Afternoons are usually spent resting after an exhausting morning of activity, well unless you followed our last section to a T- in which case, you’re probably just waiting for the day to end. In our snack and street food features, we explore our wide selection of everyday snackage. As good as that sounds, there’s even more towards the end of the day!

Eating your way to tomorrow

Just kidding, it’s night. People usually eat dinner at night, right? Or like, if aswangs feed around midnight, is that breakfast, lunch, or a midnight snack? Anyway, after a full day of work and/or play, we all find ourselves around some sort of dinner table. When we do, there are few things as familiar and comforting as our Filipino kitchen staples.


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