The days are getting hotter. Like, a lot hotter. When you’re sweating half of your water weight off in sandals and shorts, you just know the sun’s going to cook you all throughout the coming months. Flip yourself over, you’re done on this side.

What’s an aspiring summer bum going to do in this heat though?

Lots, apparently.

Go on a beach trip

You have sun and sweat, so might as well bring the sea into the picture. The beaches are especially nice this time of year. What better timing, right? Grab your best buds, a bag of snackables and cram into the van! You could leave the swimsuits at home, but don’t EVER forget the drinks. The adventure naturally follows.

Take a picnic

If the beach is a little too intense and/or sandy for you, that’s okay. Whether it’s out by a far-off mountain resort or beneath the inviting shade of a nearby park’s trees, few things are as relaxing as a nice, sunny afternoon with your mat on a grassy knoll. Bring out the canapés and the box wine. Life in the sun is light and sassy.

Chill at home

All else fails, you always have the home you live and rest in. On worse days, the outside world might be as welcoming as the surface of Mars. All it takes is a half-decent air conditioning unit (a fan with blocks of ice behind it should work), a good movie or TV show and quick munchies to turn the favor of an oncoming heatwave.

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