The concept of “pasalubong” has long been part of Filipino culture. It is the tradition of giving a souvenir to friends and family from a destination you’ve just visited. Pasalubongs are extremely popular because of the sheer number of Filipinos who live abroad, often in far-flung areas where it’s difficult, expensive, or both, to access abroad. Buying well-loved pasalubongs that truly reflect the Filipino palette is now easier than ever with Karton. With just a few clicks, pasalubong is delivered straight to your door. If you aren’t sure what to buy, these are the most popular pasalubong choices:

1. Native Gourmet Champorado Blend Premium Organic Rice: Champorado, a sweet chocolate rice porridge, is a timeless Filipino dish loved by children and adults alike. Champorado can be enjoyed for breakfast with a side of salty fish, for merienda, and during cold or rainy days.

2. Nuevo Comienzo Baked Salted Egg Chips: Share the wildly famous flavor of salted egg on crisps with loved ones back home. Filipinos love their salted egg, but this is the next best thing – and it’s much more portable, too!

3. Balangay’s Best Darling Danggit: Danggit, also known as rabbitfish in English, is a staple in Filipino breakfasts. Danggit is also a well-known seafood product from Cebu, where Balangay’s Best is established. This pasalubong is best enjoyed dipped in vinegar then eaten with garlic rice, eggs, and atchara.

4. Daybreak Coffee Six-Pack Bundle Sampler: Take home some delicious local coffee sourced from the Philippines’ best coffee-producing regions: Sagada, Benguet, and Batangas. Filipinos all over the world will enjoy waking up to the fragrant aroma of our
homegrown coffee – there is no other like it.

5. Crumbslist Calamansi Crinkles: Give the gift of Philippine sunshine with these sweet and tangy calamansi crinkles. Your family and friends will love this pasalubong especially with a nice hot cup of local coffee.

What are your favorite pasalubongs to give family and friends?

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