Last Saturday seemed like a great day to go out. Well, I was starving so same, same. My hunger pains brought me to a quaint little park in the bustling city of Makati. Bazaar scene regulars are no stranger to the busy mix of noise and olfactory delights found in Salcedo Market.

The bazaar regularly runs from 6AM to 2PM on Saturdays, perfect for a hearty breakfast or unique, if slightly left-of-center lunch experience.

I was greeted by these boxes of frozen pizza by artisanal crust-slingers, Pizza Morena. Wasn’t able to snag anything from here since I had some pizza lurking in the bottom of my fridge, but you could bet I’m willing to spend another Saturday on these beautiful, heavenly pie-discs.

Moroccan food is something I don’t nearly get enough of but if the crowd around this particular stand is any indication, this stuff must be good. If you’re looking for something that goes perfectly with Salcedo’s open-air vibe, get your spice on and go Moroccan.

Okay, now this confuses me. Are Polish dumplings just an example of two completely removed cultures coming to the same conclusion? My guess is the Mongolian hordes might’ve taken the technique with them when they marched on Europe, resulting in the creation of the first pierogi.

But that’s all just speculation. Anything goes though, much like these actual dumplings. They could put practically anything on these little dudes. If your next culinary conquest needs a bit more culture, you should definitely drop by the pierogi stand.

I don’t really eat shellfish, but I won’t judge you for indulging in a nice helping of curry balls. I’ve never really eaten seafood curry before, so this is news to me. Oh, and I just have to say it again. Curry balls.

Hey, honey. I have a soft spot for the humble honey bee. I mean, our ecosystems depend on them for things like pollination and what not so it’s nice to see people who put this much effort into taking care of the bees. That’s really kind of… sweet.

I’ve seen a noticeable rise in the number of Indonesian restaurants in the past half-decade. I always felt that our close cousins in Indonesia had an interesting sense of cuisine that mirrors our own in many ways, but is foreign enough to taste new every time. Have a plate full of Indonesian food if you want something new, albeit in familiar ways.

Ah, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?

Okay, this totally won me over. I’m a big sucker for Spanish sausages and ham. There’s just something about the edge on a good chorizo that allows it to blend well with staples like rice or pasta. I ended up walking away with one of their Php 100 rice bowls. It was lit, fam.

Here are some Filipino staples like taba ng talangka and tinapa.

It was great running into the good folk at Cocoro. They signed with us recently and currently have their line of organic coconut sugar on the site. They have a couple of different varieties that work great for whatever you’re baking. Check them out here.

Here’s another one from our roster of sellers. Chili Chili Bang Bang makes amazing dips and the jalapeño dip in particular is to die for. This stuff is great with nachos and crackers, but works surprisingly well with a tub of french fries. You may find them here.

Well, that wraps up another bazaar trip! We should definitely drop by Salcedo again sometime.

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