Food is one of those things that just happen to ride the course of life with you. I mean, sure. You could always fall back on old favorites. A familiar, predictable experience can be a bit comforting when it all boils down to it but there are days where you just want to break the mold.

Well, guess what? We have a treat for you. Nuevo Comienzo just might be your well-deserved diversion! The brand is fairly fresh, having only started in late 2016. But don’t let that fool you, they’re out to give you a taste of the new thing. Whatever that new thing is, you’re walking home with a whole new host of bottled favorites.

Oddly enough, over a decade of accumulated experience hides behind Nuevo Comienzo’s various product offerings with the Kaisan Hotfood brand. This knowledge hasn’t been wasted on paths well-tread. Instead, we’re treated to amazing takes on salted egg crisps (baked, not fried), and tuyo fillet married with sardines and chili.

The brand definitely leaves a whole feast for the senses, and invites you to seek the unfamiliar for once.

Where will your sense of adventure take you? Here, hopefully!


Team Karton recommends Nuevo Comienzo’s salted egg chips and tuyo fillet in corn oil. Great stuff!

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