Oh hey, it’s 2017! Through all of last year’s great surprises (and awkward pauses), there’s still so much to be excited for. A lot of good things are going to happen this year, we can feel it.

Change is definitely coming to Team Karton this year. On top of a whole new crop of products and sellers, we’re also going to make more of an effort to see YOU at your next bazaar. Yep, that’s right. We’re going to start covering more events since you seem to like our on-the- ground posts.

We’re also working on diversifying our product catalog and getting more sellers on board for all of you. There’s a whole world of craft goods out there and we just have to share what we find with everyone.

Do you have anything you want to show us this year? Throw that stuff our way!

If you have any bazaars, brands or specific products you’d like us to check out, feel free to message us on http://facebook.com/kartonph or email us at hello@karton.ph.

Here’s to the new year, folks. Cheers!

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