Potatoes are so special that there’s a day of the year devoted especially to this special spud. This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed in so many ways: from breakfast, lunch, and dinner; friend and baked, and in so many recipes. But it goes without saying that everyone loves a good potato chip.

On Potato Day, you’re encouraged to eat more potatoes than usual in potato chip form. Here at Karton.ph, we share the love of potato chips with you. Make Potato Day more special by sinking your teeth in mouthwatering potato chip products from these sellers:

  • Spud Buds Potato Company has an extensive range of kettle-cooked potato chips made in small batches. They have a wide range of both savory and sweet potato chips with flavors that will appeal to anyone who loves snacking, or potatoes for that matter. Check out Spud Buds’ popular line of potato chips such as Barbecue, Sea salt, White Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and much more – celebrate the diversity of potatoes on Potato Day with Spud Buds.


  •  Sikat Potato Chips does justice to a popular Filipino potato chip flavor that’s all the rage these days: salted egg. Crispy and flavorful, each bite of Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips will have you coming back for more. For a truly authentic Filipino way of celebrating Potato Day, opt for these salted egg crisps.


  • Nuevo Comienzo by Kaisan Hotfood offers a guilt-free alternative to the well-loved salted egg potato chip variety by baking the chips instead of frying. Using only salted egg powder, chili, Himalayan pink salt, and potatoes, Nuevo Comiendo’s Baked Salted Egg Crisps is a deliciously and healthy way to celebrate Potato Day.


Karton.ph can help you get some more potato goodness in your life, whether it’s Potato Day or not.

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