The holiday season is officially here! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the most special time of the year than by entertaining at home with your nearest and dearest.

However, not everyone has Martha Stewart’s skills when it comes to entertaining with panache. There are many things to consider: a guest list, décor, ambiance, but most importantly, the menu. Good food sets the mood and tone for the entire evening, so it’s no surprise that hosts invest a lot of effort into creating the perfect menu. With these popular party dessert classics, you’ll no longer have to worry about looking for crowd-pleasing sugary treats for everyone. Best of all, these sweets are available through dessert delivery!

Gaspi’s Frozen Brazo: A well-loved classic dessert that you can’t go wrong with, Gaspi’s version of Frozen Brazo will have your guests coming back for seconds. The layers of decadent yema and ice cream might just make you forget your name.

Delightful Catherine’s Apple Pie: There’s no need to think twice about it: apple pie is a staple dessert for every party. Delightful Catherine’s Apple Pie is as delicious as they get; the Streusel walnut crust adds a unique touch on this favorite.

Voila Jars Red Velvet Vanilla Jar Cake: This three-step microwavable cake will impress your guests, and no one will have any clue that you ordered it in a jar from dessert delivery. All you need to do is toss it into the microwave and you’ve got an indulgent red velvet vanilla cake that will have your guests talking about it long after the party’s over.  

Crostatina Patisserie Chocolate Ganache Cake: For the ultimate in moist chocolate cakes, look no further than Crostatina Patisserie’s Chocolate Ganache Cake. This is the ideal homemade dessert that will please even the most discerning palate – simply because everyone loves chocolate.

Joyce’s Original Butter Rum Cake: If you’re looking for a dessert that captures the essence of the holidays, try Joyce’s Original Butter Rum Cake. Taste the holidays in every bite of this delightful original butter rum cake.

With these options available through Karton dessert delivery, entertaining is as easy as cake!


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