Last Wednesday was crazy and I mean that in the best possible way. Out of the Box was a lovable mess that saw our sellers out in the real world under the banner for the first time. You know what they say about firsts, right? I guess bazaars work the same way.

A bunch of our favorite sellers set up shop in a cozy little pocket of Poblacion called Lobo Filipino Tavern and before long, people started pouring in. 

Brands like Susmaryosep and Chili Chili Bang Bang brought a spicy kick to the bazaar floor, while Native Gourmet, Pling’s, Patty’s Eats, Mitza’s, and Mind Your P’s and Q’s came with savory, homemade sauces and dinner staples in tow.

If that sounded like a lot, the EDSA Beverage Design Group and Figures of Beans came prepared with artisanal drinks and coffee to wash everything down. If you went overboard with the hot sauce up there, this definitely came in handy.

A couple of sellers also brought their A-game concepts to the table. Yogi Brunch’s easy plant-based selections and VoilaJars’ three-step jar cakes were super interesting. I really like how they make things like vegan food and cake a lot more accessible for time-challenged city dwellers such as myself.

The whole thing ended at around 10PM with new friends made and drinks aplenty. It was a long day but hey, it’s just the first in a long line of great things.

Thanks for coming over, everybody!




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