Each new year brings along with it a clean slate for everyone to start fresh. This is why resolutions are so popular – it gives you the chance to think about what you want to change or improve for the new year and the future.

Sure, starting a list of new year resolutions is easy. But what’s more challenging is keeping them.


Here are Karton.ph’s simple tips to help you start and keep your resolutions for 2018:


Create simple resolutions.

Sometimes, people tend to use the new year as an opportunity to change their entire lifestyle. This can only end up in disappointment and guilt. Although self-improvement should definitely be your goal, keeping your resolutions simple and achievable will make them more attainable.

Our suggestion: Go organic and toxin free this year, or at least try to. Your body will thank you for it when you’re older. This doesn’t just mean the food you eat though, it can also be the products that you use for your skin. With tons of toxin-free products these days, you can even practice the organic lifestyle with your pets too!


Be realistic.

It’s alright to set big goals, but think about the previous year and your past resolutions that didn’t really fall through. What made you fail in keeping your 2017 resolutions? Did you try to lose too much weight by a certain time, or make an unrealistic amount of cash?

There will always be an opportunity to improve on another phase within the new year, so make sure that your goals are realistic.


Use a time frame.

Time frames are important when it comes to motivation. It helps you determine what metrics are acceptable for success. A calendar or diary will come in handy for planning how much you can achieve within the next week, two weeks, or month. A calendar or diary will also help you evaluate if you need to change anything in your lifestyle in order to meet your goals.

While you’re at it at keeping your plans organized in your calendar, keep your other things and room organized too. Hey, keeping your room clean and clutter-free gives just means space for the better things, literally and figuratively!


Take notes.

Write down even the smallest details of your resolutions in a notebook. If it helps, add your motivations for each as well. Some great ways to do this would be to include photos of your goals.

For example, if you’re aiming to lose weight, you can place photos of your thinner self, or pictures of the things you’d like to buy or do once you’ve saved up more money.

Think of it as your 2018 Vision Board!


Ask for support.

As you work through your resolutions this new year, don’t be afraid to ask for support when you need it. Let family and friends know what your goals are, so that they can help you work towards it instead of tempting you to fall off the wagon. Choose the people that you’ll surround yourselves with, and make sure that they have your best intentions in mind at all times.




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