There are few things better than a popped bottle of wine with a side of cheese. You might have seen cheese-flavored chips before, but did you know that your favorite kitchen mastermind at Joyce’s had a whole crisp made of cheese?

Queso de Bola, the quintessential Christmas cheese, packs a whole lot of flavor in that red ball of wax. Most of us only see it during the holidays, but you don’t have to wait to grab a bite of these seasonal delights. You have all year for Joyce’s Queso de Bola crisps!

If you’re feeling a bit puckish in the middle of the day, these savory and salty snacks are super easy to reach for.  Tired of the same old snackables? Just sprinkle some Queso de Bola Crisps on top and you’re in for a whole new realm of cheesy goodness. Whether you plan on throwing these on your next salad or on a vanilla sundae, this little baby just works. The possibilities are endless!

While most people would prefer to pair their Chardonnay with Gruyere, trust us when we tell you that these crisps might be your wine’s new favorite table buddy. The results may surprise you.

It’s more than a guilty pleasure (don’t worry, carbs are the real enemy!), it’s the start of a snootier, more refined you.

It’s the bee’s knees, big cheese.

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