Muslims make up a huge chunk of the country’s population, and that makes for an interesting mix of things from culture to culinary concoctions. The art of halal cuisine literally starts with an Islamic seal of approval- proof that food is good enough for muslims to eat. While that might seem like a bit to wrangle through, it’s an interesting and infinitely creative space for muslims and non-muslims alike.

For those who aren’t in the know, followers of Islam adhere to a diet that includes food preparation in line with Islamic law, and avoiding things like lard and most famously, pork. Don’t let that fool you though, you’ve definitely eaten halal certified food before!

Whether it’s through fast food chains like Jollibee, those little odds and ends you use to cook in your own kitchen, or even a bottled delicacy you ordered online, you’re bound to run into that little halal certification somewhere.

Yeah, it’s actually more widespread than you can imagine.

Now imagine this, whether you’re lined up at The Halal Guys in BGC or waiting for your regular shawarma fix from your favorite food stand, these are all time-tested staples that are enjoyed the world over. I mean, you even have a shoutout from Tony Stark himself.


It doesn’t stop there. In fact, you don’t even need to look so far from home. Southeast Asia, especially in places like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and yes, the Philippines, all have an incredibly rich selection of halal cuisine. Having been a largely Islamic country prior to Spanish colonization, our tastes reach far back and run especially deep.

I mean, look at this amazing feature on muslim cuisine in the Philippines:

Good stuff, right?

If you’re looking to bring a bit more of an exotic feel to your otherwise bland urban life, you could always count on the colorful flavors of halal cuisine for your next gastronomic adventure.

Happy Eid, everyone. Drink deep, and eat well!


Oh, and we do have a nice selection of halal-certified products on the site too! You might want to start with this amazing sambal sauce from our very own Kuya Joko:

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