The home has always been a place where people could sit back and take in the comforts of life- a bit of rest, a bit of fun, and a whole lot of good food. That last one takes a bit more work than others though. Why exactly? Well, people could never be too sure of the things that go into your food.

This is especially troubling if you’re a working professional in the Philippines. You’re typically pressed for time, and that usually means you settle for less than ideal food. Most of us barely have time to go out and shop, let alone cook. Fast food delivery it is, then? Nah, there are ways around that. Let your appetites and better health take you online.

Thanks to recent trends in e-commerce, people could now order the best of the best online, with minimal hassle. Not a second wasted, and you’re getting the food you actually WANT to eat instead of settling for second (or waaaay under) best.

You could eat and live healthier without taking as much out of your day. These are some kitchen essentials that ought to make all of your favorites even better!

All-purpose seasoning

Soy sauce and similar seasonings goe on everything, and few Filipino kitchens are ever without them. We’re willing to bet you have a dad or an uncle who’d ask for that mystical black and yellow tube of seasoning, even at a high-end restaurant! Do your family a solid, and grab one of these all-organic wonders.


7 Grains make mean bottle of amino-based seasoning:

Coconut Sugar

Ah, who wouldn’t want a bit of sweetness in their lives? Sugar is typically processed to give it that nice, white sheen. It doesn’t always have to be that way though. You can opt to have several varieties of great, organic sugar for most of your saccharine needs.


Check out our selection of organic coconut sugars:


Everybody remembers those old iodized salt ads, but hey, there’s a lot more than your typical shaker full of the salty stuff. Salt can also be used as a vehicle for many different flavors. Think of all the possibilities! It’s okay, you’re free to get salty!


You’re totally going to get mad over this selection of salts:

Toasted Garlic

There’s something special about garlic. Whether you want it to be a primary flavor on top of your favorite meal, or a tickle underneath your main dish’s overarching vibe. Make it toasty, and you’re totally golden!


Keep it toasty with these amazing garlic flakes!


Ah, here’s where it all gets spicy. Everyone has a preference in terms of how much heat they’d like in their dishes, and having a good jar of chili oil definitely gives you the flexibility to tweak that completely fiery force to your advantage.


Bring the heat with these bottles of chili oil:

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