We’ve been going all out for pop in the past week, and it’s amazing seeing people get all these great treats for their favorite old man. Like, I’d like to think we should celebrate the closest people in our lives as often as we can, but being able to sum that gratitude up into a single day is still a welcome gesture.

I mean, with the number of people rushing to place orders at their favorite online stores this week, there’s a lot of love for dad out here. That’s a great thing.

When you consider how much it costs to raise children, you’ll realize how crazy being a parent is. Look at it this way, cranking a little sucker out costs about Php 100,000 up until childbirth. With medical care (for both the mother and the child), shared expenses could amount to over Php 2,200,000 for the first 16 years. At even a fraction of that, it’s a huge cost to bear. Oh, and that’s just for one kid!


Yeah, our dads are practically the strongest men on Earth. With everything we put them through, it’s phenomenal how they just keep on giving. I mean, that’s even before you factor in the snippets of wisdom and hours of life advice on top of the essentials they provide.

Sometime in 1910, Father’s Day started drawing traction in a number of American cities. Set in the third Sunday of June, the holiday has grown to be celebrated internationally in countries like the Philippines. I mean, it’s not because we’re huge America fans for some reason, but this practically spans Asia, South and Central America, and all across Continental Europe.

I guess fatherhood is something we celebrate without borders. I mean, why wouldn’t it? It’s a lifelong commitment, and for that we’re forever grateful.

Thanks, dad!

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