Christmas is around the corner, and this means that it’s time to get busy with your gift list. Receiving and giving gifts is a perk of the Christmas season, but it’s also potentially full of faux pas!

Everyone has their own gift giving rules to live by; but many of them are unwritten. Avoid making awkward mistakes by following our gift giving etiquette:

1. Don’t show up at a Christmas dinner with flowers. Giving a bouquet may seem like a thoughtful idea, but the hostess will have to          drop everything to find a vase and location for it. If you’re invited to a Christmas dinner, bring a gift instead that may be consumed        by guests during the evening. You can’t go wrong by gifting the hostess with a bottle of wine, dessert, or some appetizers.

2. Buy a gift for the couple instead of two individuals. When people get into a relationship, people often think that it’s acceptable to            still gift them separately. This only results in unnecessary headaches and spending. If you don’t know one or the other well enough,      you can’t go wrong giving them food that they can enjoy with each other.

3. Make gift cards personal. Sending gift cards and gift certificates are seen as impersonal, but if you add a personal touch it can              change everything for the recipient. A written note can show that instead of you not knowing what to get, you had the recipient’s          preferences in mind. Let them know that you want to go shopping together or treat them to lunch, or say that you thought the the          recipient would appreciate using the card to buy new clothes for a new job.

4. Present the gift properly. Far too often, people underestimate the importance of wrapping a gift nicely, placing a ribbon, or giving a        gift inside a bag with tissue. It should also have a gift tag or card.

5. Great gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Just because a loved one can afford to give you something over the top doesn’t mean      that you have to match the spending. When planning your gift list, keep in mind that the best policy to have is to give gifts that              evoke positive emotions.


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