Do you remember what childhood was like? I mean, who did you play patintero with? Does Aling Tess still sell your favorite ice candy? Aside from the joy of playing outside and not paying bills, we’ll always cherish our favorite childhood snacks. Whenever we get a taste of the things we had when we were young, we’re taken back to a simpler time.

Some of these snacks might still be around today, but if you think you’ve lost that loving feeling for that 5-peso treat from the corner store, we’re here to remind you.

1. Ice Candy

Running around and playing all day can get pretty tiring for a 7-year old kid on summer break. This is what made Ice Candies such a big hit. They are relatively cheap, so any kid can run to a store and buy one. Or two. They also come in different flavors, so you can always try a new one each time you visit your favorite tindahan. The most popular flavors are coconut, chocolate, mango, orange and melon.

2. Ice Scramble (Iskrambol)

We have no idea why this stuff is pink, but this sweet dessert might be the best thing to ever go through elementary school. This is a nice mix of ice, powdered milk, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and if you’re lucky, manong might also have some strawberry syrup in his cart too. Does this sound too sweet? Well, that’s because you’re an adult. For a grade schooler, this will always be the best after-school snack.

3. Corn in a Cup

What’s makes corn better? Cheese of course! To be fair, cheese makes EVERYTHING great. You can buy a warm cup of shredded corn with cheese powder for cheap. And the best part? You can ask the vendor to add some extra butter or cheese powder if you want your cup extra nice. It might not exactly sound anything new or interesting for some, but it sure hits the spot.

4. Binatog

Another corn-based snack but this time, it isn’t as sweet. Think savory. The sound of a bell often signals the arrival of your favorite Binatog seller. The dish is made out of corn, coconut and some salt. Next time you see a man on a bike ringing a bell, be sure to get your bowls ready.

5. Ice Gem Biscuits

Do you remember those small cookies with a colorful swirl on top? Ice Gem Biscuits are a familiar sight for most kids. Well, if you were a kid in the 90s. Some kids just eat the candy on top then throw the rest. If you were one of those kids, we don’t blame you. We secretly did that too!

6. Yakee Gum Ball

Who can forget these extremely sour chewing gums that left our tongues in different colors? You probably bought it for its flavor or the cool effect on your tongue. Whatever reason it is, no one can deny that these sour jerks make a real impression on you.

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