The holidays are finally here! Filipinos love food, and there’s no better time than Christmas to indulge in your favorite Pinoy holiday dishes. Some of the popular traditional dishes that are present in almost every household during the holidays or Noche Buena feasts include roast chicken, liempo, hotdogs with marshmallows, lechon kawali, kaldereta, lumpiang Shanghai, kaldereta, queso de bola, and much more.

There is so much emphasis placed on holiday food, so it’s only right that drinks should share the limelight too. After all, libations and non-alcoholic drinks, when chosen well, can make the holiday feast much more enjoyable.

Here are some drink suggestions that pair well with Filipino holiday fare:

Sangria: For a true celebratory, party-material drink, look no further than the sangria. This refreshing drink that combines fruit and wine has its roots in European origins, but its complex flavors complement the Filipino palate. Did you know that the word sangria is derived from the Latin word for blood, because of the original sangria’s red color? If you’re not a fan of red wine, there’s white wine sangria too!

Suggestion: Gaspi’s Red or White Sangria

Ginger Beer: A non-alcoholic robust drink with a spicy quality, ginger beer is best enjoyed any time of day. It’s actually more of a soft drink than a beer, but ginger beer can also be used as an ingredient for many popular cocktails as well as on its own. Versatile, complex flavors, and delicious – stock up on ginger beer this holiday season for you and your guests.

Suggestion: The Edsa Beverage Design Group Ginger Beer (Original or Turon Flavor)

Tsokolate: Temperatures are finally dropping; it’s the perfect time to whip out the classic tsokolate. This timeless drink is a classic, timeless favorite that Pinoys of all ages will always love. Enjoy a soothing, hot cup of tsokolate after a heavy meal, or first thing on Christmas morning to make it even more special!

Suggestion: Native Gourmet Organic Chocolate Tablea

Tea: Wash down your meal with a hot cup of tea to aid with digestion and soothe your belly. It helps prevent empacho, too! Choose a tea with several health benefits, such as lemongrass or moringa, to boost your immune system especially if you’ve been enjoying a little too much during the holidays.

Suggestion: Perfectly Natural Herbs Tea

Juiced fruits and vegetables: The holidays are a time of indulging, and if you feel like you’ve gone overboard the best way to remedy it is by drinking your fruits and vegetables. Juices are filled with many valuable health benefits that will nourish both body and mind without sacrificing taste. Drink a bottle of freshly squeezed juice upon waking up to help your body detoxify.

Suggestion:  Joost 2 Boost Juice



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