When it comes to creating beautiful artisanal jewelry, growing up with a family who shares the same appreciation for all things sparkly is what truly makes a difference.

That’s how the founders of Quinntas Merchants started: when you are raised by women who think that glamor and elegance in jewelry should be part of everyday life, you can’t help but be inspired by the same. The founders, haling from the Negros province which has a rich, colorful history, decided to take it upon themselves to learn jewelry making and metalsmithing.

The result is nothing short of spectacular: Quinntas Merchants make some of the most stunning jewelry that will take your breath away. Each piece is lovingly made by hand with exquisite attention to detail using only the best stones available to create meaningful statement pieces that will make the wearer feel good.

Wearing Quinntas jewelry makes everyday feel like a special occasion.

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