Recently, I started to notice my friends posting a lot of food pics.  Mind you, these weren’t your run of the mill what-they-had-for-lunch-today-in-that-new-watchamacallit-restaurant-everyone-must-try-because-it’s-in posts. 

What was unique was that this food porn was not from your trendy flavor-of-the-week restaurant, but from small-batch entrepreneurs offering their home cooked dishes, tried and tested by their families over generations. 

These pictures held my attention for a number of reasons: 

1.) I had no idea so many of my friends knew how to cook.
2.) They aren’t one-hit wonders. Some bakers also dabbled in pasta sauce, while others made tapa, chorizo and chicken. If you had a craving, someone - or their friend, partner or family member - could probably satisfy it.

3.) After a little bit of digging (okay, Facebook stalking), I learned that they had been selling these tasty numbers at bazaars. Seriously? Better late than never, I guess! 

It’s not just food though – it’s so much more than that. The same people also regularly come up with natural mosquito repellant, hats and matching mother-daughter outfits (with monograms). Can you believe that?

It was a lot to take in, and I’m ecstatic to see my friends and family putting themselves out there. It takes guts to pursue a craft and treat it with passion, so much so that others are willing to throw money at you for a little piece of the action. Everyone wins.

Come to think of it, they’re providing a service that makes it easier for people like me (restless and busy) to enjoy a proper homemade meal with the people I love. That and it’s worth noting that most of these entrepreneurs’ products can be ordered online for delivery.

If you’re out of dinner or gift ideas, try looking at your social networks. You’re bound to know someone who deals in tasty, tasty business. As for me, I’ll definitely be watching my feed.


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