The holiday season is full of odd and amusing turns. Estancia’s Katipunan Weekend Market is a semi-regular bazaar that packs Capitol Commons with a whole treasure trove of craft finds. My introduction to the series came on a Wednesday, as far as I could possibly be from the weekend. This certainly wouldn’t be the last weird thing I’d notice there.

As soon as I set foot in the venue, I knew this was going to be special.

I was greeted by rows of colorful everything. Frida Kahlo’s knowing glance jumped right at me, flanked by a number of hand-painted pillows. The mother-and-son duo behind Lokal Home + Fashion + Art stood watch over their lovingly expressive work. Each piece is a collaborative effort between the two, who work with paint and line drawings respectively. Lots of heart here, and I'm loving how they use this particular shade of red.

From vibrant reds, we move on to lush greens. Cresting on Manila's current wave of succulent and cactus enthusiasts, Astrobucket PH brought a number of their prickly little friends to the bazaar floor. If you're looking for a pot of green, bulbous joy to call your own, look no further. Plants can be a fairly addictive pursuit, so it probably wouldn't surprise me if you walked home with four or five of these.

I'm not sure if this ever occurred to you, but Filipino people love taking baths. Most of us bathe at least once a day, whether it's for a quick jolt of morning energy or a relaxing end to a long week. Soak definitely knows what's up. I mean, look at these beautiful things. They smelled nice and I'm sure they feel great too. Oh, and they also have bath bombs if you're into that. Boom. But like, in a bath.

Papercraft was a huge part of the bazaar and for good reason- paper is anything you want it to be. Whether you're into the stories they bring, the shapes they form or the chance to bring something to life on a fresh page, there is always something to look forward to. Origami PH had some amazing paper wall decor on hand, as well as some DIY origami kits for your folding pleasure.

Postcards are always fun. There's just something about a good photo with typography to match. Moon and Dreams delivered both in spades. I snagged myself one of their beautiful nebula-themed notebooks. Haven't written anything in it yet but hey, we all need a little extra... space right? Okay, I'll show myself out.

This is kind of a funny story. Patricias is actually an art and illustration team made up of two people with the same name. You know what they say about birds and feathers, right? Well, the two Patricias ended up using those feathers to make these adorable postcards, stickers and bookmarks for the more whimsical side of you. That and I literally throw my money at anything with elephants in it, so great job there.

You missed out big time. You know how I know? Because you didn't feel the things I... felt. I should really stop with the puns, right? I can't help it- everything Felt So Fun. Okay, I'm done with that for real. This crew of felt artisans make everything from headbands to bracelets and pouches. Their stuff has a playful, childlike vibe to it that brings out the unicorn, bear or Pokemon in you.

Speaking of Pokemon, this is completely bonkers. Everyone loves themselves a soft thing but Gantsilyo Manila definitely takes things up a notch. Or five.  This entire table was filled with crocheted plushies that range from your run of the mill bunny or bear to smiley cacti and an assortment of Pokemon!

This bazaar doesn't just stop at fun little knick-knacks. The wearables out there were on point and I have this large, three-eyed floating head to thank. Hello Children! definitely looks to be aimed at the quirky and art damaged set with large, furry triclopses and cool banana prints that can't help but spread their goofy alien charm.

Medium Rare Clothing on the other hand is a bit more contemporary, with a penchant for superheroes and statement shirts. There's some Marvel love on here, but I reckon the folk at Medium Rare are all about the hero Gotham gets. I mean, look at all those Batman prints! Hey, can't blame em. I wish I had a utility belt too. And tons of money. Or white privilege. Whatever Batman uses!

Leather and canvas were two fairly popular materials to work with at the bazaar. Hide & Seek brought their A-game with some locally produced leather bags and accessories. Excellent build quality with a clean and rugged design sense make for great daily drivers. Color selections are solid and have enough options to go with a most wardrobes.

Gouache was another player in the leather and canvas game. Their longer bags look pretty interesting and I'm liking their available colorways. They're just a bit brighter and more playful than Hide & Seek. Oh, and I have to mention that these also feel nice and sturdy despite what their relatively more easy-going exterior would suggest.

The Sunflower Kitchen makes amazing baked pastillas and the burnt caramel in particular is to die for. If you took sunshine and melted it into little pieces with a bit of clouds on the side, you'd get this.

Chicharon Con Chocolate was super interesting. It's the same crunchy chicharon we know and love, but coated with enough chocolate to bring a bit of sweetness to the rind's bite. You're going to love these spicy boys.

Happy Kitchen brought a cheery home vibe to their collection of sweets and spreads. Their peanut butter cookies are insanely good and their homemade pesto and cream cheese spreads had a nice consistency that was pleasant enough to not overpower the bread or crackers you toss them on.

Wit's Granola is a brand with a lot of heart. Their logo is based on a tattoo by Apo Whang-Od and depicts a mother looking skyward with her arms toward the heavens. Their granola is quite the out-of-body experience in its own right, bringing a mild, spicy kick to its sweet crunch.

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