Beer has been around for ancient times, having been brewed for thousands of years to create a deliciously perfect pint. But these days, craft beers are becoming more mainstream than mass produced beer. What’s the difference?


First of all… what is craft beer?

Craft beer is a product made using traditional brewing techniques, using quality ingredients to create a beer that has a distinct flavor. Craft beers are more expensive to produce than commercial beers, and it’s also much more labor-intensive. However, craft brewers have the flexibility to create different beer flavors and styles in smaller volumes.


The Brewery, Flavor, and Technique

Craft beers are produced in small batches at microbreweries, while mass-produced beers are produced in large commercial brewers that are designed to churn out large quantities of beer. Microbreweries brew beers that have special flavors in smaller volumes. It also makes more economical sense for large brewers to create beers in big quantities making use of all the new brewing technologies available, using tried-and-tested formulas, techniques, and recipes. On the other hand, craft beers are more labor-intensive to make since it requires some trial and error to achieve a consistent formula.

Additionally, mass produced beer doesn’t use premium ingredients because cost effectiveness and production in a massive scale is the priority. Mass produced beers tend to use the cheapest ingredients available to make large quantities of beer at the fraction of the cost of making craft beer.


Craft brewers take great pride in using premium ingredients such as high-grade barley and hops to achieve a particular flavor. This is the reason why many favor craft beer over mass produced beer; because it can produce a flavor that is far superior compared to institutionalized brands of beer.


Here at Karton, we carry some excellent craft beer brands such as:

Nipa Brew


Craftpoint Brewing Company


Crows Craft Brewing Company


The next time you’re craving for a beer, why not try one of these delicious Filipino craft beers? Order online and we’ll deliver them right at your doorstep!

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