Hey, did you read the first installment of COLOR//PALATE yet? If you haven’t yet, here it is! In case you missed it the first time, this column is a celebration of food as a feast for the senses. Yes, all of them. It’s a whole-body experience and this is what we see/hear whenever we down a serving of the good stuff.

Mitza’s creamy garlic sauce is a hard thing to pin down. It’s rich, but never in an obtuse kind of way. That’s what makes sauces like this so fun to work with- they add character without taking anything away from the host dish.

After trying it on everything from pizza to a wide assortment of ulam-grade eats, we’ve pinned down a bunch of tracks that mirror the bursts of character you can only find in one of Mitza’s sauces.

The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black

Make no mistake, Mitza knows how to make something that rocks AND rolls. It even shows with her brand’s visual aesthetic. She’s painting it black and running with it.

For their time, the Stones managed to pull together a daring anthem that married contemporary western rock music with then-uncommon middle eastern influences. It’s that same eclecticism that makes this such a satisfying sauce to use on so many different dishes.

The Black Keys – Fever

After painting it black in that first track, The Black Keys turn the mood blue on this floor-stomping indie blues anthem. Released in 2014, Fever takes the well-worn blues rock tradition and pushes it into the 21st century with decidedly modern production and a keen sense of pop smarts.

The ability to take familiar tropes to new ground is something Mitza does very well. There is no end to what musical or culinary artists could imagine (or realize) but it’s another thing to ride the margins without completely alienating your audience. That takes guts- and style.

Grimes – Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)

Speaking of style, Claire Boucher is in a league all her own. From her outlandish visual identity to the intricacies of her records, you know you’re dealing with a genius who pushes the envelope by doing what she does best- being herself.

I always felt that confidence in one’s products and branding made for experiences that always go above and beyond, regardless of medium. The sauce (yes, we’re still talking about sauce here) is something that is definitely cut from a similar cloth.

Them Are Us Too – Eudaemonia

Them Are Us Too are an amazing pair of artists that came to a screeching halt with the untimely death of multi-instrumentalist Cash Askew in 2016. Despite this, their 2015 debut, Remain stands as a testament to the strength of their femme-charged dreampop.

Channeling genre stalwarts like Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, we have a style that’s well-tread and familiar but instead of breaking walls down, this is a case of knowing a form or discipline well and taking to the craft with a passion that’s almost palpably sincere.

Asian Dub Foundation – 1000 Mirrors

With everything you do, you put a reflection of yourself out into the world. These things look back and you, as if to say “hey, this is something you’re going to live with.” Do you like what you see? You better. More like, you have to.

Here, we end on a subtler note. Coming from a place of prone earnestness, we find ourselves at this junction where self-awareness becomes a source of strength. We touched on the power of confidence in art earlier and the Asian Dub Foundation are particular about who they are and where they’re from.

In similar ways, Mitza knows what’s up.

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