No, you’re not going completely bonkers. Food is a whole-body experience and it wouldn’t surprise me if you could actually hear what you just tasted. COLOR//PALATE is a semi-regular fixture on the Karton blog that pairs some of our favorite munchables with music that embodies their flavor and character.

For our first installment, let’s take a quick look at Susmaryosep’s flagship chili sauce. Right off the bat, you could feel just how important the feeling of challenge and confrontation is to the brand. The vibe definitely calls for a haphazard energy that demands your full attention.

Here is some tunage that should make The Rebel Chef himself proud:

Charli XCX – Break The Rules

Charli XCX’s musical career is full of bangers, but between the witch house-tinged sensibility of her earlier work and pop goddess stylings of her recent material, I find that her work on 2014’s Sucker is a fitting introduction for this playlist. It starts off with a blunt, but assertive bassline that slithers its way into an anthem about breaking rules and living on one’s own terms.

Kick the doors down. You’re in for a ride.

Death Grips – Guillotine (It Goes Yah)

Speaking of rides, you’re now stuck in a car with MC Ride of bizarro rap trio, Death Grips. If the white noise wasn’t any indication, this stuff isn’t meant to be pretty. Punctuated by erratic rhythms and fuzzed-out electronic stabs, Guillotine is unconventionally tasteful and aggressively acidic.

Take everything in and you too will know how it goes.

Yasmin ft. Shy FX and Ms. Dynamite – Light Up The World

…and it all goes up in flames. UK pop singer, Yasmin rolls up full steam with an anthem for anyone (and everyone) making their own mark on the world. If you’re going to burn, burn out bright. A little bit of fire is good for the light you have in you. With guest spots from Shy FX and MC, Ms. Dynamite, the heat comes with a rich flavor that follows its hard-hitting attack.

These New Puritans – Attack Music

A little bit of battery never hurt anyone. Well, er, no. Whatever. Toss this transition out the window because the single version of These New Puritans’ Attack Music gives off a percussive thump that pairs well with the more jagged parts of your spice-loving chili experience.

St. Vincent – Birth in Reverse

Topping things off is St. Vincent’s incendiary guitarwork on her smash single, Birth in Reverse. Annie Clark’s road to becoming the standard bearer for weirdo indie rock was paved with pawn shop guitars and terrifyingly gnarled fuzz tones. Any idiot with six strings and a Big Muff can make a racket, but it takes a masterful command of texture, timbre and pop smarts to take something this abrasive and turn it into a thing of beauty.

Like all things tasteful, this rolls off the tongue beautifully- and with a fight.

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