Coffee is a huge part of the Filipino lifestyle. It has become our go-to drink,    even if it’s way past morning! Whether it’s next to a newspaper or your      favorite computing   device, coffee is definitely a lifetime fixture.

A trip to the grocery wouldn’t be complete without grabbing a pack of instant,  ground or bean coffee. We have definitely become a country of heavy coffee  drinkers. We’re actually downing a hot cup right now.

Because of this huge love for coffee, the Figure of Beans – Sagada Dark  Roast Coffee came to be.

Aside from its amazing aroma and bold signature taste, Figure of Beans also  has a pretty, minimal aesthetic. Wouldn’t look out of place beside an iPhone,  actually. But don’t let it fool you! Anyone who has had a Sagada Dark Roast  Coffee is familiar with its enticingly complex flavor.

The roast makes a strong impression and you can tell right off the bat that    you’re going to enjoy a cup of high-grade coffee every time. If you’re not a  big coffee fan, don’t worry. Just grab a whiff of this stuff first. Trust us. You’ll  want more than just a sniff soon enough.

When that aroma hits you, you’ll immediately want to brew a cup of coffee up for yourself! These coffee beans from the Mountains of Cordillera are a gift from the coffee gods to the world.

Once you get a taste of Figure of Bean’s Sagada Dark Roast, you’ll never settle for anything less. Its signature aroma and taste will leave you day dreaming about that next cup.

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