It’s never too late for coffee. I mean, if you start your week off with a steaming cup of liquid joy, a celebratory cub for the weekend shouldn’t be too hard to imagine. Why don’t we wrap things up sweetly this time – a chill treat for the weekend ahead.

Meet the Muscle Float. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s because we literally made this up. But hey, we can do that, right? Sweet drinks are smooth, but tend to be a little overbearing without other tastes at play. To work around this, we decided to come up with something that came with a bit more punch.

Here’s what we did.

You’ll be needing these:

  •  A bag of Steep’s Hazelnut Coffee

  •  Some ice

  •  Condensed milk

  •  Vanilla ice cream



Toss a bag of Steep’s Hazelnut Coffee into a cup of hot water. Add condensed milk to taste, but do remember that you’ll be adding ice cream later.



Once you get the general flavor down, add ice to the cup. Give it time to cool down. Don’t forget to mix things up a bit!



Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of your fresh Muscle Float!


Cheers – and here’s to the weekend!

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