Think about it this way, being tired of life isn’t a generation-exclusive thing. People have always done hard work, and often have appetites to match. Just because we live with the nice, glossy sheen of modernity, doesn’t mean we put any less effort into our daily doings.

I mean, whether you’re a full-time mom or battling your way through the week in an office, we rarely have as much energy as we’d like to go around. By the time you get home, you’re spent. Some people make it work, and I commend anyone who does. But like, who wouldn’t like the extra time to just kick back and enjoy dinner?

There are ways around that. That’s one of the great things with cooking. The inherent artfulness and creativity of a good kitchen wizard leads us to a number of different culinary solutions- an elegant example of which being the one-pot meal.

What’s the deal with that though?

A cross-continental mess of things

Some would trace the popularity of one-pot meals back to the American Civil War. These one-pot meals were usually cooked on large kitchen fireplaces or on woodstoves, and usually in large enough amounts to last the family a whole day or two.

Seeing as many of these dishes, like chowder or stew, have since raised themselves to the level of comfort food throughout much of America. People do like having things to come back to. Good old home cooking has a way of making things bearable, more so if it’s mostly throwing all the right things in a pot.

North America isn’t the only place that gets down on a good one-pot meal though! The tradition can be found in many different parts of the world, most notably in European peasant communities where you made the best of whatever came their way.

Over time, this has even made its way to our shores with family favorites like good, old-fashioned nilaga or sinigang. Regional favorites like balbacua (ox skin stew) and hinalang (a spicy soup dish) are also commonly found in pots all over Visayas and Mindanao.

If you’re thinking of a quick way to get your home cooking fix, a one-pot meal ought to get the job done.


Thinking of making your own one-pot meal? Try this great recipe for corned beef sinigang:


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