Mothers are the light of every home: they are an endless source of love, tirelessly care for everyone, and make sure that there’s always good food around. She not only fills up our hearts, but our bellies too! If you have a mom who’s a certified foodie, why not show your love by giving her these gifts – made easy thorough online shopping in the Philippines!

Herbed Pink Himalayan Salt: This seasoning is not your average salt – infused with special herbs and spices, Herbed Pink Himalayan Salt can give life to any dish, and elevate it to even better flavors. Goes well on salads, steaks, fish, pasta, soup, vegetable dishes, and other cooked meals.

Kuya Joko’s Sambal: Sambal is an authentic Indonesian sauce used to spice up dishes, noodles, and soups. Kuya Joko’s Sambal is the only authentic Indonesian sambal that’s made in the Philippines. A foodie mom will love using this salsa to add heat and flavor to dishes such as sisig, bagnet, lechon, grilled meats, and much more.

eHarvest Gourmet Bits of Tuyo: Just because she’s spends most of her days in the kitchen doesn’t mean that she always has the luxury of time. Give your foodie mom a jar of eHarvest Gourmet Bits of Tuyo for a delicious and quick snack that can be enjoyed without cooking any time. Best paired with pasta, rice, or crackers.

Empanada Mas Box of 30 Empanaditas: Foodie moms will always want to be remembered as fantastic hosts. Giving her a box of 30 empanaditas will help her make sure that there’s always some delicious merienda at home to feed surprise visitors. This box has 30 pieces of empanaditas in different flavors: cream cheese and chives, bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno, and Nutella – the perfect party pack!

Pineapple Coconut Infused With Earl Grey Tea Spread: This exotic-flavored fruit butter is a healthy alternative to commercially produced jams which are packed with sugar. The combination of pineapples and coconuts makes a mouthwatering medley with the flavor of Earl Grey Tea. Goes well with waffles, pancakes, cheese, bread, or vanilla ice cream – can’t go wrong with this option when gifting a foodie mom.

With online shopping in the Philippines, shopping for the perfect gift for a foodie mom is easier than ever!


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