Skin care using the right lifestyle beauty products is essential not just for aging gracefully, but also for keeping the skin healthy from the inside out and protected from the elements. Without the right skin protection, skin can become chapped, oily or dry, and prone to fine lines, acne, or wrinkles.

Here are 5 lifestyle beauty products that give your skin the protection that it needs:

  1. Cleopatra’s Secret Antioxidant and Vitamin Boost Body Lotion with SPF

Cleopatra’s Secret is a line of lifestyle beauty products inspired by the beauty rituals of the legendary queen, Cleopatra. This antioxidant and vitamin boost body lotion is formulated with ingredients that fight the harmful effects of free radicals while offering protection from the sun’s elements.

  1. Vanity and Queens Immortal Anti-Aging Serum

This beauty product is a powerful wrinkle-fighting serum that effectively tightens skin, leaving you with a youthful glow. Forget expensive commercial blends; Vanity and Queens Immortal Anti-Aging Serum is affordable but does its job effectively.

  1. Bedrock Home & Body Essentials Coconut Milk Soap

Most soaps are made with ingredients that strip the moisture out of your skin. But the Bedrock Home & Body Essentials Coconut Milk Soap does just the opposite. These soaps are hand crafted in small batches and made with local coconut milk that hydrates your skin with the goodness of coconuts.

  1. Wild Coconut Like A Virgin Coconut Oil with Hibiscus


For head-to-toe cleansing, look no further than Wild Coconut’s Like A Virgin Coconut Oil. This moisturizing oil is so versatile; it can be used as a makeup remover, for an at-home spa treatment, and as a mild cleanser.

  1. Joco Balm of Bees Herbal Ointment: Let’s face it

Sometimes the wounds, scratches, and other skin ailments just can’t be avoided. You can count on Joco Balm of Bees natural, organic herbal ointment for just about anything. Use this ointment to save your skin from muscle pain, rheumatism, arthritis, warts, pimples, skin asthma, boils, insect bites, rashes, and so much more!




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