Our skin is the largest organ in the human body, but we often take it for granted. Each day, we expose our skin to the harsh pollution that Manila is notorious for, not to mention the invisible germs and bacteria we encounter on a daily basis.

Once we get home from a tiring day at work, we overlook the importance of a thorough skin cleansing. People get intimidated by a complex skin care regimen, and instead opt for a simple wash and moisturize routine, without much afterthought. However, investing some time and effort into a regular pamper day will do wonders for your skin.

Treating yourself to a spa day at home is an indulgence that will make you feel good from the inside out. There are many Filipino products that cater to beauty and wellness, formulated to cleanse and moisturize the skin more thoroughly.

Here are 5 bath and body essentials that you should keep at home for healthy, young-looking skin:

1. Cleopatra’s Secret Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser: Before you do anything else, start your pamper ritual with a good cleanser, such as this. One of the simplest ways to ensure healthy, glowing skin is to clean it properly. Cleopatra’s Secret Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser is made with rosehip oil, argan oil, collagen, sweet almond oil, seaweed extract, vitamin E, aloe vera extract, and several other ingredients that your skin will thank you for.

2. Pure Skin Rituals Scarlet Rose Face Mist: This fragrant rose water face mist is so invigorating, we won’t blame you if you’ll want to use it several times a day. It’s gentle and made with only natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin. Pure Skin Rituals Scarlet Rose Face Mist is formulated to regulate skin pH levels, calms irritated skin, and rejuvenates deep from within.

3. Ysabel’s Daughter Moringa Peppermint Body Wash: An ultra-refreshing body wash, this is one of the best Filipino products that is effective in removing dirt and grime from your body.  Moringa is a well-known purifying agent, while peppermint soothes and conditions the skin. It’s also formulated with mild surfactants that nourish skin and prevent dryness.

4. Organic Alley Skin Perfecting Body Butter: After a nice cleaning, lather your skin in Organic Alley’s Skin Perfecting Body Butter. Made with African shea butter, cocoa butter, emu oil olive essence, vitamin C, papain, and seaweed – all proven to moisturize and hydrate your skin. For best results, apply after a bath.

5. Vanity and Queens Immortal Anti-Aging Serum: Top off your pampering ritual with a powerful anti-aging serum to promote firm, youthful looking skin. Vanity and Queens Immortal Anti-Aging Serum contains generous amounts of essential oils including lemon, neroli, frankincense, evening primrose, geranium, and rosehip without the costly price tag of commercial blends. Apply every evening before bed to reduce the signs of aging.


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