Tea is no longer a beverage exclusively associated with the British. This delicious and healthy drink is now enjoyed by people all over the world, especially considering the fact that there are several dozen varieties available to suit all tastes and preferences.


Do you consider yourself a tea champ? Here are 10 ways to tell:


1. You would never think it’s possible to actually start your day without tea. As soon as you wake up, it’s almost automatic for you to begin making your cup of gourmet tea.


2. You’ve tried other beverages including coffee, but nothing else gives you the same satisfaction and warm feeling that drinking tea does.


3. Your friends and colleagues know that you shouldn’t be bothered until you’ve had your first cup of tea for the day.


4. You have a special mug that you feel protective of. For you, it’s an extraordinary cup reserved only for drinking tea, and you feel incomplete when you drink tea from another cup.


5. You’ve managed to sniff out the best tea-serving shops in Manila, a coffee-loving city.


6. You still look for local tea even when traveling to the Philippines’ renowned coffee-producing places, such as Sagada, Batangas, or Davao.


7. You’ve gotten burnt from drinking tea way too hot that you’re already immune to it.


8. The thought of drinking a cold cup of tea depresses you.


9. You spend more time with your tea-drinking friends.


10. You believe that a cup of tea can cure virtually anything.


So, are you a true tea champ?

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