Coffee On The Go

For most people, drinking coffee is a way of life. And if you're a coffee lover, there's no doubt about wanting that caffeine fix every morning to start your day.

The options, however, can be quite limited, and those on the go would usually settle for commercial or instant coffee. So as an alternative, Zip-Sup Enterprise came up with Zip-Sup Cold Brew Coffee so coffee lovers can easily take their favorite beverage with them as they make their way through those hectic rush-hour mornings and still get an amazing taste of specialty coffee.

Zip-Sup started in November of 2017 with a mission to close the gap between commercial or instant coffee and specialty coffee and to give support and recognition to local farmers.

But why the name Zip-Sup? The answer is simple. It's exactly what drinking coffee signifies. SUP means to take or enjoy a drink, and ZIP means good vibes, positive energy and vigor.

The name also goes well with the unique packaging.

Every Zip-Sup Cold Brew Coffee is packaged in a food grade plastic bottle with a slim design, similar to a wine flask, to emphasize the ease of carrying or slipping it into your coat or jeans pocket. To prevent oxidation and to keep coffee's number one enemy (sunlight) away, the bottle is amber-colored. And the packaging sticker is designed with a unique font and vibrant colors to give the product a lively and energetic look, similar to the effects of caffeine on the system.

But what makes Zip-Sup stand out above all is the coffee variants used.  The Zip-Sup team brews not one but several 100% Arabica Beans that are outsourced from a single farm (Single Origin). International coffee beans are also used for consumers to taste the best of both worlds. Moreover, the beans are carefully handcrafted and taste-tested to ensure the best quality and to bring out the unique notes of each coffee variant.

So if you want great-tasting coffee on the go, you can now wake up to the fresh aroma of Zip-Sup Cold Brew Coffee, a special kind of brew to start your day anew.