Raising Awareness and Spreading Love, One Crab Paste At A Time

Yunik Uneek was a code name back when I was a kid. My real name is Yunik Ghen See and Uneek is from my childhood idol Tim Middleton also known as “DJ U-neek”, the producer behind the success of my all-time favorite – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. BTNH for me is very unusual yet unique and interesting so listening to their music really keeps me alive. I like the idea of a girl having a boy’s name and I didn’t intend to use Yunik Uneek when I started my business until people who tried my crab paste called it "Yunik Crab Paste". They claim it as unique and authentic.

My business started only by chance, or should I say by accident. A former colleague sent me crabs to cheer me up since he knew how I loved seafood. He was so generous and gave me so much that our refrigerator became packed with what he sent! I then thought of trying to make something out of crabs, and with the assistance of my guardian, I kept trying to make the perfect crab paste. I wanted to give something to return the kindness of the people who have helped me. I gave them my crab paste and they convinced me to sell what I made. After careful consideration, I tried selling my products and started my business even though I never had any business or marketing background, or proper culinary training.

I like everything involved in making my products, including the stress and challenges, especially the fact that I am still able to provide and give others livelihood.

I make my productswith so much love, joy, and gratefulness in my heart, and this is what I like best in my business. It took me a lot of effort, studies, hardships, and failures before coming up with each one of them.

A part of the proceeds from what I sell are given to a foundation that funds a research center hoping that they can finally come up with a cure for a rare autoimmune disease which I have. It really breaks my heart thinking that there are other people may be suffering the same because I know how hard it really is. I have been using my products as a language to raise awareness.