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VITARUSH Premium Superfood Coffee (with Coco Sugar)

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Immunity. Moringa Chlorophyll Fine Powder Tea is a nutritional powerhouse of micronutrients, anti-oxidants and is rich in plant-based proteins.

Recovery. Turmeric+Piperine Fine Powder Tea is nature's anti-inflammatory, promoting healthy blood circulation and is a natural pain reliever.

Vitality. MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil Powder, derived from virgin coconut oil, is a clean source of energy absorbed quickly by the brain and body without taxing the liver.

Wouldn't it be awesome to get a cup of all these micronutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory, brain energy superfoods in real coffee?

Well, now you can.

Simply steep this dip bag in a cup of hot water for 2 minutes and there you have it!

Enjoy VITARUSH Premium Superfood Coffee wherever you go!

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