VPharma Health and Wellness Inc. Products

Vpharma june 2018 642
Atlantic Delights Omega 3 (30 Capsules) 45g
PHP  950.00
Mega-Malunggay (100 Capsules) 12g
PHP  950.00
Mega-Mangosteen (30 Capsules) 38g
PHP  550.00
Bfinas 1
Health Aid Bifina S30's 70g
PHP  1,850.00
Health Aid Bifina R20's 58g
PHP  850.00

VPharma Health and Wellness Inc. is a Filipino Owned Health, Nutrition and Wellness company, incorporated in 2014 with principal address at 1100 Nueva Ecija Street, Barangay Ramon Magsaysay, North EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines. VPharma is into importation, distribution as well as marketing of quality dietary supplements, nature/ plant based food and supplements, food extracts, and over the counter drugs.

VPharma is not just a company, VPharma is a group of individuals passionate about spreading a healthy mindset and supplementing an active lifestyle. Our products are not just about physical benefits, but confidence and mental endurance we instill in people that fuels them to succeed in their lives.

VPharma concentrates on products aimed at starting families including young professionals, pregnant mothers, toddlers and kids, VPharma aims to jumpstart the Filipino’s journey towards healthy living with a daily dose of our natural as well as medically effective health products.