Have Cool, Will Travel

Comfort is key, but it still pays to look good on a plane. And you don't have to worry about looking good when you have Viajecito to do the work for you.

The Viajecito concept was started in mid-2016 by passionate travelers based in the Philippines and Madrid who sensed a gap in the market when it came to fashionable travel accessories and understood the struggle of deciding between packing something fashionable or functional.

Combining their love for seeking new experiences and unique finds, they created Viajecito, which means “little trip” in Spanish, a product inspired by the places they've been to.

The brand is all about the weekender and nothing defines it more than the Viajecito beach tote. This classic-looking bag is versatile as you can change the straps to match your outfits. And you only need to bring one bag with two or three different straps to have a new bag every day!

It also fits everything you need without being bulky. Best of all, it’s multi-purpose. When heading to the beach, you can remove the lining, throw in some ice and use it to chill bottles of wine!

Though a memorable trip is all about the experience, Viajecito believes that you can have an amazing time and still look incredibly chic!