Love your skin and your soul with Vaera Naturals!

Vaera Naturals goes beyond skin-deep. Vaera is “to create” as Naturals is “to use all naturally occurring ingredients.” While our products promote natural skincare, our story goes deeper.

We wanted to take care of ourselves so that we could take care of others. With each soap, oil and balm that we craft, we handle each of them with the consciousness of sharing for others, so that those who use our products would want to take care of others too.

No two products are alike even if they have the same materials. With each soap molded with love, we realize how fortunate we are to have all these natural resources in the Philippines. And the benefits the soaps provide constantly surprise us! We want to start planting our own raw materials that can be grown in the country, become a source hub for other soap makers, and teach and train others who would like to make their own soaps.