Unagi Kabayaki Products

Unagi Kabayaki (100g)
PHP  300.00

We Create Raving Fans of Our Customer's Customers

ASMAROS Global Corp was founded on August 2017 in Paranaque, Philippines. The officers of the corporation are siblings with complimentary corporate backgrounds essential in creating a company in solid ground. Their respective expertise in Sales and marketing, finance, factory processes and QA drove the company to rapid growth since its inception. The company’s ambition is to compete in the global market banking on top quality products and excellent service. In fact, notable inroads include exporting to Korea in late 2019 and sales leads coming from the world’s biggest consumer of unagi Kabayaki-Japan. When the economic dust settles down (COVID 19 lockdown freezing the market to a standstill), the company will be poised to go aggressive on exports and further cultivate the local market by venturing into online selling platform.

The Philippines is blessed with more than 5 edible eel species out of the 15 in the world. One specific species is being farmed here in the Philippines using Japanese technology, Japanese feeds, Japanese training methods and an unagi Kabayaki factory stone throw away from the eel farm. This set up allows for the development of top quality freshly prepared Japanese standard unagi Kabayaki!

The eels are locally farmed whereas the unagi Kabayaki is locally manufactured the Japanese way. The sauce is imported from Japan to ensure authenticity. Freshly prepared and top quality are our competitive advantage as a brand. Most unagi Kabayaki stocks if not all commercially available in the Philippines are China made.

The products are now finding its way to the dining tables of top authentic Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila besting imported China made unagi Kabayaki.

Soon the company with the support of government agencies such as DTI, BOI and its affiliate offices around the world will inch its way into the global market. Proudly a 100% Filipino owned company,

ASMAROS hopes to thrive in a currently challenging economic environment with strong self-belief and focus.