Multi-function accessories for comfort and style

Two Hands and an Heirloom was launched year 2012 with the aim of showcasing a full time mom's passion for handmade fashion bracelets. It was then turned into a small enterprise when friends and other people started appreciating THaaH bracelets for their everyday wear. We support local communities and artisans who specialize in finely handcrafted products. Our vision is to put up a one-stop store of carefully handmade products for those people who value the beauty of craftsmanship.

I started making accessories at home year 2012 for personal wear and gifts, it later turned into a small home enterprise after getting good feedbacks from friends and their friends who see them wearing my creations.

An heirloom is a meaningful object that belongs to a family that can be passed on for generations. Although their beauty and craftsmanship are paramount, the story behind each piece is the key. I came up with Two Hands and an Heirloom because all my accessories are hand stitched and crafted with passion and love hoping for the wearer to put value into it as they create beautiful memories with them, memories or stories that they can pass on to their loved ones.