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TUNG Gel 3 oz - Tongue Cleaner - Fresh Mint

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- Fresh Minty Taste gives you fresh smelling breath
- Neutralizes odor-causing gases created by bacteria on the tongue
- Formulated with Zinc Oxide to treat bad breath at the source
- Use with the TUNG Brush for the most effective tongue cleaner ever
- Doesn’t clog your TUNG Brush the way toothpaste will

We invented the first tongue brush and gel system over 15 years ago. The TUNG brush and gel were designed by dentist Dr. Wieder to be the most effective tongue cleaner ever. In fact, 90% of consumers preferred the TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel in a study conducted by Nova Southeastern University. Our tongue brush is designed specifically to clean the rough but tender surface of the tongue. Our tongue gel is formulated to neutralize that nasty bacteria gas that causes bad breath, leaving your mouth minty fresh. Together they’re the most effective tongue cleaner on the market today. Professionally designed and made in America. See for yourself why people who’ve tried other tongue cleaners (tongue scrapers & other tongue brushes) say that TUNG is far superior to anything else out there. We know that once you’ve tried our tongue brush and gel system you’ll agree that no other tongue cleaner works better. Get your TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel now! (Formerly known as Dr. Weider’s TUNG Brush and Gel) Peak Essentials The Original TUNG Gel® tongue cleaner, in combination with the Tung BrushTM by Peak Essentials, is formulated to neutralize the gas created by bacteria on the tongue. This gas not only causes halitosis (bad breath), it can lead to gum disease. Gum disease, in turn, can lead to diseases in the rest of your body as the circulatory system spreads the periodontal disease and bacteria throughout the body

Use every time you brush your teeth or whenever you want fresh breath.

Place a small amount of TUNG Gel on your TUNG Brush. Scrub your tongue (not too hard now!) and reach as far back on the tongue as you can without gagging. The TUNG Brush is designed to reach back further than your toothbrush or other tongue cleaners for better tongue cleaning and better breath.

Materials: Zinc Formula
Dimensions: 6"L x 1.06"W x 1.06"D
Weight: 3 oz

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