Tindaraga Arts & Crafts Products

Nostalgia (Scented Candle 4oz)
PHP  280.00
Sweet dreams
Sweet Dreams (Scented Candle 4oz)
PHP  280.00
Love spell
Love Spell (Scented Candles 4oz)
PHP  280.00
Love spell 8oz
Love Spell (Scented Candles 8oz)
PHP  490.00
Tindaraga rosegradensoap blackbox top
Rose Garden Soap
PHP  175.00
Tindaraga cocoacinnamon
Cocoa-Cinnamon Conditioner Bar
PHP  230.00

Bringing art, beauty, and passion to people’s lives through handmade crafts

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my page. I am Tin, an art enthusiast who works as a Marketing Head, Junior Graphic Artist, and a writer at present; a wanderlust and a traveler by nature who has a passion for music and arts.

I started Tindaraga as a side business when I began selling my doodles and stickers at local fairs and bazaars. I eventually ventured into developing the family craft of crocheting into an art form and business. Today, through my platform Tindaraga Arts & Crafts, I also hold art workshops to teach others not only about crocheting and its various applications, but also other forms of art that I am passionate about . Tindaraga is an amalgam of my creativity and imagination where she was able to come up with its meaning:

/tin -da-ra-ga/
• Tin (noun)- the crafter’s nickname
• tinda (verb)- from the brand name itself, coined a Filipino root word which means:
1. to showcase;
2. to sell
• Daraga (noun)
1. The name of the hometown where the crafter was born and raised
2. The name of the diety or goddess of Mt. Mayon

I identify practicality and the sentimentality of wearing or using something personalized and hand-made. This advocacy grew because people saw the value of giving something they made themselves. I wanted to wear or use my own art. Not only that it is cost-efficient, but also, it has become a natural way to further my creative expression and another way to bring art, beauty, and passion to people’s lives through my handmade crafts.