Whatever it is you strive for, be fierce but stay sweet.

Tigre y Oliva may be a Manila-based chocolate company, but its roots stretch further than that- a couple of continents away, actually! Before moving to the metro in 2017, the company’s founder used to make chocolate in both the United States and Italy.

How did they find their way here though? The secret is in their cacao. With the food scene turning towards specialty and craft food, it was only a matter of time before world-class beans ended up in world-class chocolate bars.

Tigre y Oliva’s chocolate is serious business. A lot of love goes into the process, from sourcing the best possible beans for the job to tasting the chocolate in its rawest, purest form. Half art, half culinary adventure- each recipe is the direct result of its founder’s desire to discover complex and challenging flavors for each bar.

This is chocolate bliss. Get some.