Unusually Delightful

For The Wild Range, boundaries are made to be broken. The name itself was conceived without the interference of tradition or innovation; it came to be as a product of an unobstructed identity that simply pursued its innate passion.

The business started in November of 2016 to satisfy two practical but emotionally-deep needs: Kesiah, a professional chef who suffered from the recurrence of her slipped disc, wanted to build a home-based business. And Tq, who has been practicing human-centered design and development communication, wanted to build a social business. Soon, a social business based on unique food products was built. And when it finally revealed itself, it offered something familiar yet unique to the palate.

Some of The Wild Range’s featured products include “Tisoy”, a popular desert that has fascinated many with its indescribable yet delightful taste. “Moreno” is also a favorite as a classic pastry fused with Mindoro-made tablea. And finally, the product that put the business on the map, the “Wild Boar Sausage”, which will surely take your taste buds on an adventure.

Though the people behind The Wild Range are not afraid to push the boundaries, they're very much aware of the limitations of striving for perfection when it comes to their recipes: "We could’ve named Tisoy some other way that was familiar to people, but we opted to call it a new name because we believe it is a different product. However, we chose to limit our creativity on its physical appearance. It’s easy to be tempted; to over-embellish the product to make it more exciting, but we stayed true to what it is: unusual but elegant."

The future is bright for The Wild Range team, which plans to partner with restaurants and build a manufacturing plant-cum-co-working kitchen in Mindoro with a 12-seat reservation-only restaurant called “HULO.”

And with a groundbreaking approach to food, The Wild Range is indeed more than just goodness on a plate; it's a whole new experience that will surely make you want to try more.